About Us

Mission Statement for PDHCA

The Private Duty Homecare Association believes that all persons with needs should be able to live independently and safely at home for as long as possible with the assistance of qualified, accountable home care services.

Goals for PDHCA
  • Serve as the central resource and advocate for the private duty home care community.
  • Meet the specific needs of its member organizations.
  • Actively influence the legislative, judicial, and regulatory processes to positively impact private duty home care.
  • Foster, develop, and promote high standards of client care through a national accreditation programs.
  • Initiate, sponsor, and promote educational programs that focus on industry best practices
  • Use an ongoing national campaign to educate consumers about the choices in private duty home care and potential funding mechanisms.
  • Promote collaboration among national, state, and local organizations of similar mission and values.
Board Members

PDHCA board members are elected by the membership of the Association. Each serves a two-year term, with half the terms expiring each year to ensure continuity. The Chairman of the Association serves as the Association representative on the NAHC Board of Directors.

  • Connector.

    Brittnei Salerno, Chairman

    La Jolla Nurses Homecare
    2223 Avenida de la Playa, Suite 103
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    Phone: 858-454-9339
    Fax: 858-454-5010
    E-mail: britt@lajollanurseshomecare.com

  • Connector.

    Lucy Andrews

    At Your Service Home Care
    1221 Farmers Lane, Suite A
    Santa Rosa, CA 95405
    Phone: 707-573-1003
    Fax: 707-573-8611
    E-mail: lucy@ayshomecare.net

  • Connector.

    Erica Lamy

    Director of Patient Care Services
    Concord Regional VNA
    30 Pillsbury Street
    Concord, NH 03301
    E-mail: erica.lamy@crvna.org

  • Connector.

    Rosemary Unnold

    Director, Performance Improvement
    VNA Home Health Hospice
    50 Foden Rd Ste 3
    South Portland, ME 04106-1718
    E-mail: unnoldr@emhs.org

  • Connector.

    Mr. Jeffrey Salter

    Founder and CEO
    Caring Senior Service
    201 E Park Ave Ste 201
    San Antonio, TX 78212-4658
    Phone: 210-757-4650
    Fax: 210) 227-6569
    E-mail: jeff@caringinc.com

  • Connector.

    Melissa Kalinowski

    Director of Implementation
    Corridor Group
    1531 Brophy Ave.
    E-mail: mkalinowski@corridorgroup.com

  • Connector.

    Sam Noor

    Care Plan Inc. dba American Angels Home Care
    4 Parklane Blvd Ste 465
    Dearborn, MI 48126-4259
    E-mail: samnoor@americanangelshomecare.com

Questions and Answers

What is Private Duty Home Care?
Private Duty home care organizations provide broad range of services from medical and nursing care to bill paying and transportation services. Their goal is to provide whatever the aged, ill or disabled or their families need in order for their loved ones to remain in independence where they most want to be-in their homes.

Who Created PDHCA?
The National Association for Home Care & Hospice created PDHCA in 2005 to provide more focused service to the expanding non-Medicare home care industry. Private duty home care is growing rapidly and will see explosive growth in the upcoming baby boomer retirement period.

Who Should Join?
Anyone who wants to be proactive, to have a hand in shaping the future of the fastest growing part of home care. In a few years, this segment, which involves funds paid privately by clients themselves or their families, is slated to become the lion’s share of all home care services, dwarfing Medicare and government payments. The opportunity exists to participate in the decisions that will define this growing industry. Those who are in it early will have a competitive advantage over those who are not.

Why Should I Join?
Private duty providers may escape Medicare regulations but as any business knows, there are plenty of regulations that come from agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor. The issues are different than Medicare and NAHC and PDHCA have created the expertise to help influence laws and regulations. Unless private duty providers are united as evident by their membership in NAHC or PDHCA, the industry will be at the mercy of Federal regulators

Is it true that members of NAHC may join PDHCA without paying additional fees?
Yes. The Board of NAHC felt that this was so important that they made membership in PDHCA free for the first two years. NAHC members, however, must claim this right on their membership renewal forms or by returning the enclosed membership application noting their NAHC membership. Does PDHCA have a “Code of Ethics” and if so what does it say and how is it enforced? Yes. PDHCA has a tough Code of Ethics, which is subscribed to by all those who join the association. It follow NAHC’s Code of Ethics has been copied and adapted by many state organizations. Here is PDHCA’s Code of Ethics.