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NAHC Annual Meeting Private Duty Sessions

Pre-conference 803: Conquering the Caregiver Recruiting and Retention Crisis*
Stephen Tweed will be sharing the secrets from his latest book about recruitment and retention in the caregiving industry. This session is not providing band-aid solutions to this systemic problem, it’s about reorganizing your approach to hiring the right people for the right positions, and rethinking what keeps them there. If you attend this session, you’ll be privy to the latest research on recruitment and retention, and will have a chance to participate in an interactive learning experience you’ll need to survive as a leader of your agency. The final 30 minutes of this pre-conference will be the annual private duty panel discussing the state of the industry and any legislative updates.
*Remember, separate registration is required for this session, and it’s additional cost is $250 until Aug. 15, with increases after that date. Prices are disclosed on the webpage.

204. An Ounce of Prevention: Insulating Your Home Care Agency Against common Targets of Wage and Hour Litigation and Investigations
Nationally recognized attorney Angelo Spinola will be presenting a 90-minute session covering the latest wage and hour litigation trends. This session will teach you where you need to strengthen your operations to prevent lawsuits. Complying with wage and hour protocol doesn’t have to kill your business, it just takes some tips and lessons from what other agencies have gone through. Per-visit pay, travel time, sleeping time, expense reimbursement, independent contractor situations and more will be covered.

224. What is the True Cost of Employee Turnover?
Did you know that replacing staff can cost 1.5x the salary of the position? This session will reveal the hard truth about how turnover crushes businesses, and what you can do to prevent it happening in yours. Proper talent screening and acquisition goes a long way to preventing costly turnover. If you can take away the innovative solutions for decreasing turnover and smoothing out your turnover operations, you’ll be a better leader for your agency.

226. How to Develop a Multi-Disciplinary Pain Management Team Including Therapy and Pharmacy
Private duty agencies can use insights from this session to help position themselves in the post-acute care landscape. Even with non-skilled care, private duty agencies can learn where they can make their role the “glue” that helps support the work of pharmacists and therapists in the home.

232. Keeping Your Company Nimble: Managing Change
Change management has many sides: the instigators of the change, the agents of the change (your agency leadership figures), and those who have to work through how these changes affect their daily work (your staff). Often, the hit to employee and staff morale is the fatal blow that can disrupt your operations and lead to mood changes, stress, errors, and a negative work climate. This session will teach leaders how to analyze the cost of change and provide a toolkit for employers to nurture resilience.

304. Positioning for Post-Acute Care Collaboratives from a Sales and Marketing Perspective
Right now it’s all about partnerships and collaborations across the care continuum. Private duty agency leaders will find this session particularly insightful, as the all-star faculty discuss how to use data and marketing to demonstrate the value of a potential partnership. Learn HOW to find the data, HOW to use it, and HOW to pitch it to your best advantage.

313. Creative Strategies for Recruitment and Retention
324. Creative Strategies for Recruitment and Retention
Due to popular demand, we decided to offer this session at two different time slots, hoping attendees won’t miss it due to scheduling conflicts. While the core concepts of the session will be the same, the perspectives of the faculty will be different. In 313 we’ll hear a joint presentation from a millennial RN and a human resources partner manager who offer perspectives on how to attract a younger workforce and maintain an engaging staff environment. In 324, we’ll hear from leaders of the Home Care Aide Council.

While not explicitly private duty, the below might also be of interest to the private duty industry:
316. Evidence-based Practices
213. What You Don’t Know About Cyber Security Could Kill Your Business

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