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2019 Home Care and Hospice Conference & Expo

107. PDHCA Open Forum – The Private Duty Home Care Association forum is a place where you can come for an update from the PDHCA Advisory board leaders as well as have an open discussion of items of interest to the industry. Bring your questions and issues to get input from your peers! Commercial support provided by Axxess.

110. Poised for Growth: Developing and Implementing a Strategic Sales Plan – Significant growth happens when an agency creates a detailed strategic sales plan and holds themselves accountable for implementing the plan. Common mistakes will be explained that home care agencies make when approaching sales and marketing.  The speaker will explain the ongoing process of sales and how a sales funnel and customer relationship management (CRM) tool can create accountability for results. In the session, you will walk through a detailed strategic sales plan and leave with tools to help your agency significantly boost revenue.

204. Personal Home Care Services for Medicare Advantage Members – With the growing Medicare Advantage population, CMS has finally added non-skilled in-home care such as personal care and housekeeping as a Medicare Advantage benefit. This historic long-awaited decision by CMS finally recognizes the importance of non-skilled home care and how it can bridge the gaps in home care. Learn how home care provider, SeniorBridge, is teaming up with Humana, one of the leading healthcare companies in the country, to provide high-quality home care to our most vulnerable population.

210. Creating New Revenue Streams Through Specialty Programs – Increasing business profitability requires strategic thinking to grow revenue. Growth is achieved through mergers and acquisitions, expansion of a service area or customer base, and the creation of a new revenue stream. This presentation will help attendees learn about the partnerships that they can form to create new revenue streams through a focus on specialty programs. Seven different private duty specialties will be discussed to give providers insight into how to create new streams of revenue that aligns with demographic trends.

308. A Beginner’s Guide to Maximizing Value Through Private Equity Recapitalization – The healthcare mergers & acquisitions market has evolved as providers adjust to outcome-based and risk-based compensation models. Home Health, Hospice, & Homecare have all undergone significant consolidation, but the market remains highly fragmented and there is more consolidation to come. As private equity investors seek to capitalize on continued consolidation, they have created opportunities for entrepreneurial operators. This presentation discusses how small and lower middle-market providers can maximize the value of an exit transaction by participating in a private equity recapitalization.

310. How to Win More Clients: Best Practices to be a Top Sales Performer in a Competitive Home Care Market – Do you have the same challenge facing most home care agencies? Are your home health aides working for multiple agencies? Are you not always the first pick when you are trying to staff cases? Do you find yourself asking: How do I get a home health aide to pick my company as a new employee versus another agency? How do I decrease turnover? If you have any of these challenges, come to this interactive session, where you’ll get expert and crowd-sourced solutions.

408. Becoming Part of a New Family: What to Expect During an Acquisition and Integration – Acquisitions build market share and allows a company’s coverage footprint to expand quickly. Having a strong acquisition strategy is the key ingredient. With this presentation, we will share our strategy to successfully adopt new family members into our company and how to ensure a successful transition. From the beginning stages of “letter of intent” to final closing paperwork, our CEO and CFO will tackle all aspects from all divisional sides of a purchase. Incorporating Operations, Administration, HR, Sales Marketing and IT – our “Transitions Team” comes together to identify pain points before and after an acquisition “go-live” date to ensure a smooth and painless process.

409: A Culture of Caring: Providing Service as a Unique Benefit – A Culture of Caring resonates through an organization. Due to financial cuts, changing regulations and increased mergers/acquisitions, agencies have to provide care in a manner that sets them apart. The culture of a healthcare organization resonates in all areas from clinical staff, billing, HR and answering the phone. To serve customers we must take into account the values of the organization and align those with the culture of customer service. True success can be achieved resulting in a happier workplace and decreased turnover, an increase in census, and healthier patients. The idea is that happy staff care better for patients.

410. Know Your Value Proposition: Strategies for Successfully Increasing Value Through Employee Engagement – Your brand value proposition tells consumers, employees, patients and other stakeholders what your company offers that no one else can. In an age of increasing competition, providers will need a strong brand to help future clients and business partners differentiate your organization from your competitors. For the first time in history five generations are working side-by-side in the workforce. A talent gap is forming as Baby Boomers age into retirement and Millennials climb the corporate ladder. In 2016, 60 percent of all home care workers were part time or part year workers. Learn how to deliver on your value proposition as a recruitment strategy to engage, enable and energize the evolving workforce.

509. The Experience Economy: Evaluating the Experiences You Create for Patients, Caregivers, Staff, Payers – Strategy and culture are among the primary levers at a leader’s disposal to maintain organizational viability and effectiveness. What’s Your Organization’s Cultural Profile? Before you begin an initiative to shape your organization’s it’s important to explore where it is today. Consider how your organization currently operates, what is valued, how people behave, and what unifies them. Once these things are understood, strategy and culture can align.

510. The Art and Science of Caregiver Recruiting – When you’re in the business of caring for people, finding the very best caregivers to meet your clients’ needs is the number one priority and the number one challenge. Sound familiar? As baby boomers age, the home care landscape is changing as demand for caregivers continues to grow while the caregiver shortage persists – and as demand grows, caregivers can be more selective with their employment choices. In this session, you will learn how to attract, recruit, and retain top talent in the caregiving industry so your agency does not fall victim to caregiver shortages.

605. Delivering Improved Clinical and Financial Outcomes for Dual Eligible Patients – Caring for dual eligible patients presents challenges and opportunities for home care organizations. Success comes with using the right analytical tools and robust revenue cycle awareness. Attendees will better understand the categories of dual eligibility, demographic characteristics, legislative landscape, and current challenges facing providers caring for this population of patients. This requires implementation of best practices and lessons learned through experience to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Although dual eligible patients generally tend to be more difficult to manage, there are opportunities to successfully manage their care with the right tools.

611. Three Key Strategies to Boost Growth and Referral Management – In this session participants will learn expert ways to build on existing data and resources to develop a robust, sustainable strategy for organizational growth. Using market intelligence and the proven formula for success, agencies will identify opportunities to increase both market share and market penetration by effectively leveraging tools and resources that exist in their agencies today. Additionally, participants will learn best practices for managing and expanding their existing referral business using analytics to implement processes that lead to more admissions.

708. Coaching to Enhance Employee Satisfaction – Patient-centered care is the new buzz word in today’s healthcare. However, in this consumer driven market, leaders can often overlook the catalyst that drives patient satisfaction-employee satisfaction. The purpose of this project was to determine if one-on-one coaching towards an employee’s personal/professional goals enhanced satisfaction within their jobs at a home care healthcare company in the Midwest United States. Based on our findings, recommendations were made for leaders across healthcare organizations to include one-on-one coaching of employees in organizations to drive employee satisfaction.

709. Work Place Safety Perspectives of Home Health Care Managers and Nurses – The presenters will describe research findings of reported workplace violence experienced by home health nurses and discuss the barriers and facilitators of Type II (client/patient on home care worker) workplace violence. The reporting perceptions of management staff will be reviewed with identified barriers and facilitators. They will discuss how agencies can improve reporting rates and provide leadership support in the most challenging situations.

803. HHFMA Open Forum – An annual favorite, come to this open forum discussion with members of the HHFMA Advisory board, and have your financial questions answered, or engage in discussion about financials practices and changes.

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